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Quick Facts

  • Tailored portfolio of products
  • Lowest quartile cost converting
  • Located near large, high-growth markets
  • Unequaled customer service
  • 16 facilities in 7 states

Building Products

Our technology-driven, low-cost systems keep our plants operating in the lowest cost quartile, delivering a 37% ROI for 2006.

Our building products group manufactures a tailored portfolio of products for residential and commercial construction markets and industrial panels for furniture, cabinets and fixtures. Our manufacturing plants are some of the lowest-cost production facilities in the country and are located near large, high-growth markets.

A leader in the building products business, we have generated ROI well in excess of the cost of capital over the past 10 years. Going forward, we will continue to drive value through 4 key initiatives:

  1. Deliver tailored portfolio of products
  2. Drive low cost
  3. Serve growing markets
  4. Provide sales excellence

With housing production projected to average more than 2 million units annually over the next 10 years*, our unequaled customer service and ongoing relationships mean we’re poised to grow our business and maximize the long-term potential of the building industry.

As the illustration below attests, our products are used extensively throughout the building process.

Building Products

* U.S. Census Bureau and Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard