History of Success

Company Timeline

  • Time Inc. acquires Temple Industries and merges it with Eastex Pulp and Paper Company to form Temple-Eastex Inc.
  • Time Inc. acquires Inland Container Corporation.
  • Time Inc. spins off its forest products interests. Temple-Eastex Inc. and Inland Container Corporation are joined and become Temple-Inland Inc.
  • Temple-Inland acquires certain Owens-Illinois properties, including the linerboard mill in Orange, Texas, 260,000 acres of timberland, a short-line railroad and three box plants.
  • The Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation (FSLIC) arranges the assisted acquisition of three Texas thrifts by Guaranty Federal Savings Bank, a new federally chartered savings and loan association owned by Temple-Inland Inc.
  • Temple-Inland acquires Gaylord Container, Chesapeake Packaging, Elgin Corrugated Box, Mack Packaging and ComPro.
  • Project TIP – the Transformation, Innovation and Performance initiative – is rolled out to improve organizational effectiveness, reduce costs and streamline corporate functions.
  • Temple-Inland launches Forestar Real Estate Group by combining the real estate operations of its forest products and financial services groups with real estate activities now reported as a separate business segment.
  • Temple-Inland announces a transformation plan to maximize shareholder value through the separation of Temple-Inland into three focused, stand-alone public companies – Temple-Inland Inc., Guaranty Financial Group Inc., and Forestar Real Estate Group Inc. – and the sale of strategic timberland.

Where We Came From

Corrugated Packaging

Herman C. Krannert founded Anderson Box Company to make ventilated corrugated boxes for the shipment of baby chicks. In 1925 he started Inland Box Company and in 1930 the company was reincorporated as Inland Container Corporation. Through the 1940s and 1950s Inland grew and developed its reputation as a high-quality provider of containerboard and packaging.

Inland was acquired by Time Inc. in 1978 and then spun off in 1983 as part of Temple-Inland. Since the spin-off, the company has grown, including the 1986 acquisition of the Orange linerboard mill, part of the purchase of certain assets of Owens-Illinois.

In the 1990s we acquired Crockett Container Corporation in California and Pakway Container Corporation in Indianapolis, and opened the Graphics Resource Center. In 2001 and 2002, we acquired Gaylord Container, Chesapeake Packaging, Elgin Corrugated Box, Mack Packaging and ComPro, making us the third-largest corrugated packaging company in North America.

Building Products

T.L.L. Temple founded Southern Pine Lumber Company and started operations in Diboll, Texas, in 1893 with the purchase of 7,000 acres of timberland. The sawmill in Diboll began operations in 1894, cutting 50,000 board feet of lumber per day.

By the 1950s, technology advances allowed the conversion of chips, sawdust and shavings into profitable panel products. The company took advantage of this and began manufacturing fiberboard sheathing. By 1964 the company’s land holdings had grown from those initial 7,000 acres to more than 450,000 acres. In addition, the company had entered the mortgage banking and insurance businesses.

In 1973, Time Inc. acquired Temple Industries and merged it with Eastex Pulp and Paper Company to form Temple-Eastex Inc. In 1983, Time joined Temple-Eastex with Inland Container Corporation and spun them off as Temple-Inland.

In the 1990s and 2000s, we grew our building products business through internal growth and acquisition and today have one of the lowest cost building products operations in the U.S.